Cantilever Racking

Racking is manufactured from tough, but light gauge sections and cannot withstand excessive abuse - for example, being hit by lift trucks or other handling equipment.

The best protection is the proper training of drivers to minimise such damage. As a back up, rack protectors should be fitted so that they, rather than the structural components of the racking, can take the initial force of any impact and warn the truck driver that he is about to collide with the racking. In fact, under Health & Safety in Retail & Wholesale Warehouses (1992) Guidelines it is now 'best practice' to fit protectors to the end of all racks that could be struck. These should provide conspicuous visual guidance for drivers as well as offering mechanical protection.

We would strongly recommend that you fit our range of rack protectors and barriers which are available as optional safety extras for use with all of our storage products. We offer a huge range of barriers to suit every requirement including bespoke designs for any type of applications. Installing barriers in your warehouse will.

  • Save money on costly repairs
  • Reduce racking collapse risks
  • Provide visual deterrent for fork truck operators
  • Ring WSL today to find out how barriers will save you money in your premises.

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