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Cantilever racking is a popular, cost effective and space efficient means of storing and handling heavy, long or irregular sized goods. Its extreme versatility enables you to store and access a vast array of stock that varies in shape, size and weight. Consisting of a heavy duty central base that supports a set of cantilevered arms, these arms can be altered and adapted once fitted to accommodate your specific load bearing requirements. Cantilever racking ensures products are safe, secure, easily accessible and well presented.


Is cantilever racking for me?

This bespoke, heavy duty, steel racking is designed to carry up to 5 tonnes per arm and over 30 tonnes per upright. Cantilever racking is strong, durable and reliable making it very useful for storing items of varying lengths such as pipes, timber, structural steel and metal sheets. It is also useful for storing Items of varying size and weight such as furniture, white goods, crates or boxes and also irregular or mixed loads. It can be built up to 10m high and can be double or single-sided. Our double sided racking provides maximum storage capacity on a single central column, where as the single sided rack can be fitted flat against a wall to increase floor space where required.


Bespoke Systems that ‘work’ for you

At WSL we don’t just want your system to work well but to work for you. We strive to provide you with the maximum economy of layout possible combined with the highest quality of workmanship. From boardroom design to installation our experienced and innovative design team will work together with you to create a unique and tailored solution. All of our smart storage solutions are designed with you in mind, to give you maximum storage capacity whilst minimising on space and cost. Our highly adaptable systems can be designed to encompass fixed, adjustable or removable arms and if applicable a weather protection canopy. Cantilever racking is highly versatile, it can evolve, grow and develop as you do to accommodate different products and meet your changing storage requirements. It provides not only an instant solution but a long-term storage investment.


Cost effective and economic

If you desire a storage system that will maximise the height or reduce the storage footprint of your current storage facility then our Cantilever racking systems are ideal. Maximising the footprint of your building can save on the costly downtime and inconvenience of relocation in addition to speeding up your current operations. Particularly large items can be stored off the ground making better use of available ground floor space.


Safe storage

When it comes to the storage of large and heavy items safety is of paramount importance. Cantilever racking ensures only the safest storage practises. Cantilever racking protects both the goods themselves from damage as well as avoiding staff injury and strain. Our qualified surveyors and Nebosh trained projects managers ensure all of our projects run smoothly and that all of our storage systems comply with current health and safety standards, including uk fire regulations.


Increased handling efficiency

Cantilever racking has no front uprights, making it more accessible and enabling you to place and retrieve your items more easily. Cantilever racking allows you to organise products efficiently whilst presenting them well. This very accessible system is ideal for those with a high turn over of stock where speed and ease is essential for example self- service warehouses.


Space efficient

Cantilever racking can be built up to 10 metres high allowing you to maximise the height of your building. Items are made accessible but the use of standard forklifts which are used to load or unload the racks. If you want to minimise aisle sizes, you can use a side-loading vehicle rather than a conventional forklift. When minimising aisle sizes the additional space created can be used to add more aisles or release valuable floor space. The cantilever bases have also been specifically designed to double up as an additional further storage space.


High quality products and services

WSL’s in house services will significantly increase the speed and decrease the cost of designing and fitting your new storage system. Being a completely independent business we can ensure we always source the best materials and services at the industries most competitive prices.

Here at WSL we are dedicated to providing the highest quality British materials and services alongside highly competitive prices. As one of the leading UK manufacturers and providers of commercial Storage solutions we pride ourselves on supporting the Uk economy and environment by sourcing wherever possible and using only the best British products. Excellence in all we do is a core value of WSL, we aim to reflect this through every facet of all we do.

For more information on finding your unique storage solution or to arrange an initial consultation contact one of our expert team.


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