Drive-in Racking


Drive-in or drive-through racking is ideal if you’re looking for a very economical, bulk storage system. It’s almost as high density as block stacking, but is safer and reduces the risk of product damage.

Drive-in pallet racking gives access to just one side of the aisle, so it operates on a first in, last out (FILO) basis. Drive-through racking gives access to both aisles, so you can use a first in, first out (FIFO) stock rotation system. This is limited, however, by the need to empty lanes at every level.

Drive-in and drive-through racking are particularly well-suited to:

  • Low turnover products with a high number of pallets per SKU.
  • Cold storage, including chilled and frozen.
  • High density storage of easily damaged or fragile items.
  • Rack-clad buildings – the racks can be erected before the building is built.

They enable you to:

  • Store high volumes economically.
  • Manage retrieval times.
  • Minimise the risk of damage.
  • Use conventional forklifts.

Store high volumes economically

This type of racking eliminates the need for several aisles between the racking, so you can use up to 85% of your floor space for storage.

Manage retrieval times

Drive-in racking is relatively slow for retrieval. However, self-centring rails can be fitted to the racks to position pallets automatically. Pallets can then be picked immediately without any need to realign them.

Minimise the risk of damage

Drive-in and drive-through racking presents a significantly lower risk of damage to pallets than block stacking, while being almost as high density. Using truck and pallet guidance can minimise this further.

Use conventional forklifts

You can keep costs to a minimum by using conventional forklifts with this kind of racking.

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Drive-in Racking

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