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As leading manufacturers and designers of Mezzanine floors, we begin by seeking to fully understand our client’s requirements in order to make sure that there is never a disconnect. This is why we have been successfully delivering robust space saving solutions for warehouses, retail outlets and offices, for over 25 years.

We manufacture mezzanine floors in order to ensure quality control is at the highest standard. It also enables us to have complete control over the design process of the mezzanine solution, as we are not constrained by out-of-the-box solutions. This means we can start from where our clients stand and use our project teams to devise and deliver a solution that is tailored to your requirements.

Mezzanine floors can be installed in virtually any environment and are used in a variety of locations, including warehouses, offices, retail outlets, manufacturing plants, distribution centres and airports.

You can use the extra space however you wish; we’ll specify the structure’s load- bearing capacity to suit your needs.


Additional storage


Mezzanine floors can give you a vast amount of extra floor space. They can also be useful for storing products away from your main warehouse area.


Retail space


Many retail units are now positioned out of town, so the buildings lend themselves well to increasing retail space by using mezzanine platforms. We have lots of experience in this area and can ensure your mezzanines look great visually and have easy access via specialist systems such as the trolley travelators seen in large supermarkets.


Office space


You can use a mezzanine to avoid having to relocate to larger offices or to place your office staff closer to the heart of your operation. For more information read our article whether a Mezzanine Floor is your ideal office solution.


Production and distribution


Mezzanines enable functions such as production, sorting and handling to happen on site, without disrupting activity in the rest of the building. Plant platforms You can use a mezzanine to keep your plant together, in one safe place, away from pedestrian levels.


Mezzanine floors will enable you to:  


  • Maximise your building’s capacity

When you need more space, mezzanine floors significantly expand your floor area, without the expense of relocating or adding extra buildings, making them a very cost-effective option.

Mezzanine floors will unlock the potential of your unused roof space. They can be as small as 20m² or can cover tens of thousands of square metres, and they’re not limited to single tiers. We can design and build mezzanines up to five storeys high, as long as your building has sufficient height and floor strength.


  • Ensure easy access to upper levels

The types of mezzanine floor access that we recommend will be governed by its use and environment. The options for personnel and goods access include staircases, personnel lifts, goods lifts, conveyors, pallet gates and cat ladders.


  • Expand your floor space safely

We’ll ensure that your mezzanine flooring and the access to it is designed and specified in full compliance with fire, health and safety best practice, as well as building regulations. We’ll also take responsibility for seeking and obtaining any approvals necessary for it. Read more about Mezzanine floor safety here : Mezzanine Floor Safety – What You Need To Know About The Law


CE and BS EN 1090 This is a legal requirement of all companies supplying Fabricated Structural Steel Components

More Information

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If you have any further questions about Mezzanine floors then please do not hesitate to call us or submit an enquiry. Thank you.

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Why should we build our mezzanine floor with WSL?

WSL provides a complete package, from the planning of a mezzanine floor, through the design process, to every aspect of the building work; including providing access and electrics. We have knowledge and experience of all applicable regulations, so our clients can be confident that all work is completely safe and built in line with current policy. WSL are the only company in the UK that has the CE mark for the production of mezzanine floors, over all stages of the process; all the way from qualified sales personnel, design, project managers, production department and the installation process. We understand the importance of keeping warehouse down time to a minimum and have excellent lead times, so many clients find that the construction is far less disruptive than they had anticipated. We also have site foremen onsite daily to ensure that all operations are running smoothly.

How much weight can a mezzanine floor take?

Mezzanine floors can be engineered to take any weight that is required. For the purposes of designing and manufacturing mezzanine floors, weight is measured in Kilonewtons (kN); a measure of gravitational field strength. Generally, for office mezzanines, designers would be planning for a loading of 3.5 kN. For a mezzanine floor storing 500kg pallets it would be a 5 kN loading, and for a floor storing 800kg pallets the loading would be 7.2kN.
Past this point, the issue becomes the floor that the mezzanine is being built on. In most cases there will be a piling cap required; parts of the floor will need to be taken up as far as the bed rock and filled with concrete to form an exceptionally strong foundation.

How high can it go?

The height of the mezzanine will depend on the amount of weight that it needs to hold. There is little limit to the height if the budget and building height allows. Designers will need to take into account regulations such as fire and safety – a higher mezzanine will require more staircases and greater fire protection for example. A higher mezzanine may also require more steel work, and reinforcement of the floor below with piling caps.

Do I need planning permission for a mezzanine?

Planning permission is not usually required, as a mezzanine is built inside an existing building and because a mezzanine floor is defined as a temporary structure. However, Building Regulations will need to be consulted as well as the local fire officer who will want to see evidence of a design facilitating easy escape routes.

What kind of regulations concern mezzanine floors?

A mezzanine floor will need to be in line with building regulations and fire regulations. It will also need to be constructed in line with the CE certified production process that is certified for BSEN 1090. Each item, across every production needs to be CE certified. WSL have experience of designing with all of these regulations in mind and has the CE mark for the production of mezzanine floors.

Do I need to alter my fire safety plan for a mezzanine floor?

Yes, you will need to alter the safety plan with details of the route that any personnel working on the floor will need to take to get to the nearest exit.

Can I run a forklift on a mezzanine?

A forklift can be run on a mezzanine floor, but at a greater expense than a floor designed for product to be handled by personnel on foot. The issue is that the weight of a heavy forklift is carried on only three or four wheels (as opposed to heavy pallets, where the weight is distributed across a wide area). Standard Mezzanine floors tend to be constructed with 38mm particle board, which is not strong enough to withstand the pressure of forklifts. Therefore the floor will have to be constructed of something with a much higher puncture load, such as concrete. This in turn may mean that the floor below also needs to be reinforced. Speak to WSL today for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Can mezzanine floors be constructed exclusively of wood?

Mezzanine floors cannot be made of flammable materials such as wood. They should be made out of steel, with a proven design.

When do I need Fire Rating?

Needing Fire rating is dependent on the location, size and use of your mezzanine floor, as well as use of and size of building. The use and environment of the floor also needs to be taken into account. Contact WSL today to discuss your situation.

How long does it take to build a Mezzanine floor?

The production of a mezzanine from WSL is generally about 4 weeks from the sign off of the design. However, in some cases, this can be quicker if required.