Mobile Shelving


Mobile shelving uses a sliding system which is fitted to specially engineered metal tracking on the floor, allowing them to roll forwards and backwards using either a manual or electronic system. This means that shelving can cover up to 90% of your floor space, but can easily be moved to open up an aisle adjacent to the shelf that you wish to access. We can provide anything from tall and deep mobile shelving for heavy duty storage, to small office archive mobile shelving.

Floor Tracking

On some types of floor we are able to insert our tracking into the current flooring. Alternatively the tracking can be laid on top of existing flooring and a small ramp can be created either side of the track to ensure that it does not become a trip hazard. For very heavy or bulky shelving, a raised floor may need to be created to ensure even tracking.

Safety Features

Larger articles can be stored on extremely durable mobile shelving with a mechanised motion. These are also fitted with various safety features to allow for the additional weight being carried. All our shelves are fitted and checked by specialists who will consult safety legislation and ensure that all necessary safety features are in place, taking into account the weight and dimensions of your shelving and the products you are intending to store. All of our mobile shelving is produced using expertly constructed wheels and tracking to ensure that the shelves are solid enough to carry their intended weight.

Manually Powered Mobile Shelving

Manually powered mobile shelving usually features a rotary handle at the end of the shelf, allowing the user to move the shelves forwards or backwards by a clockwise or anti clockwise rotation of the handle. The wheeled sliding system means that the shelves are not heavy or difficult to manoeuvre.

Electrically Powered Mobile Shelving

Electrically powered mobile shelving is motorised, allowing them to be moved at the push of a button. We can cater the complexity of this to your company’s own requirements. It is possible to link the shelving with your computerised archive system, so they can be moved remotely, allowing access to the exact files that you require. In this case you would be able to access a file on a database and then request retrieval of it from the archives. The shelving would adjust to allow physical access to the requested file. In simpler models, a button at the end of the shelving, or on a central dashboard would allow you to move the shelving as needed. Our specialised consultants are always happy to advise on the best system to meet your requirements.

Increase Floor Space

Mobile shelving is an excellent way to utilise all your floor space when you have items that need to be accessed regularly. Removing the need for aisle access between each row of shelves means that up to 90% of your floor space can be used when mobile shelving is correctly installed.

In a room that is four metres long, you may have five static 300mm sets of shelving, with four narrow 620mm aisles running between them. If you switch to mobile shelving, the same space can have ten 300mm sets of shelving and a generous one metre aisle access. Your storage space has immediately been doubled, as well as allowing your picker a comfortable aisle space for viewing and access.

This huge increase in space is ideal for settings such as shop stock rooms. The number of items stored in the stock room can be maximised, allowing a larger proportion of your space to be dedicated to the shop floor, potentially increasing customer footfall and revenue.

Speedy Access

Some companies try to make the most of limited space in their storage facility by installing shelving with increased depth. This allows more storage space per aisle. However, deep shelving means that items are not always visible and employees have to move items out of the way to reach stock further back on shelves. The use of a multiple series of narrow, moveable shelving means that stock is extremely accessible. Instead of one deep shelf, three sets of narrow mobile shelving can be installed without having to treble the amount of aisle space. In this way, productivity can be massively increased, but without having to sacrifice any floor space.

Additional Security

We can fit locking mechanisms between shelving, so that when pushed together the shelving can be securely attached, making them completely inaccessible. This additional security can be especially useful for sensitive document archives or higher value items.

Is Mobile Shelving Right For you?

Mobile shelving is an excellent solution for storage such as:

  • Large quantities of documents
  • Museum storage or archives
  • Storing products that require additional security
  • Storing excess garments in high street stock-rooms
  • Any storage requirements where space is at a premium

We are happy to go through our range of mobile shelving with you and help to find the solution that is perfect for you.