Mobile Racking

Use up to 90% of your floor space

mobile racking

Mobile racking comprises of standard racking mounted on motorised, mobile bases. This enables you to increase storage capacity by eliminating most of your aisles and block racking, without restricting access.

You can move the racking as individual aisles or entire sections, to enable you to access goods efficiently.

Mobile racking is particularly well-suited to:

  • Cold storage - both frozen and chilled.
  • Maximising space, where order picking isn't a major concern.
  • Storing other items in addition to, or instead of, pallets.
  • Batch storing pallets or other heavy goods that all need accessing at the same time.
  • Warehouses being newly developed, as specially constructed floors are needed.

  • Mobile racking enables you to:

  • Use up to 90% of your floor space.
  • Increase security.
  • Choose a non-manual operating system.
  • Use any type of racking and standard forklifts.
  • Store non-palletised products.

  • Use up to 90% of your floor space

    Usually, just one operating aisle is needed to give you access to the picking face. The other racks close together, enabling you to use up to 90% of your floor space for racking, while still having 100% access to your products.

    Increase security

    Systems with locking features enable you to restrict access to increase security.

    Choose a non-manual operating system

    You can operate mobile racking manually, by remote control or by computer.

    Use any type of racking and standard forklifts

    You have the flexibility to choose any type of racking to sit on the mobile bases. You can also use standard forklifts.

    Store non-palletised products

    As well as, or instead of pallets, you can use mobile racking as shelving for cartons and other heavy-duty items. It's particularly suitable for long loads, as your need for large aisles will be limited to just one.

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