Narrow Aisle Racking


Narrow aisle racking enables you to set up high density storage by making great use of your floor area and roof height.

You’ll get easy access to every pallet via VNA forktrucks, which will help you to manage stock rotation. The investment in this equipment can be offset against the long-term space and efficiency savings that this system offers.

Narrow aisle racking is particularly well-suited to:

  • Pallets of a uniform size.
  • Warehouses with a high roof and a flat floor.
  • Maximising storage space.

It enables you to:

  • Save money by stacking close and high.
  • Achieve 100% accessibility.
  • Improve security.
  • Increase safety.
  • Reduce damage and maintenance costs.


Save money by stacking close and high

Narrow aisle racking enables you to maximise floor space by reducing aisle width by up to 50% compared to standard aisles. And, because the floor area can be used for storage and pallets are stacked high, storage density is increased further – often approaching double the density of standard aisles.

Achieve 100% accessibility

You’ll have easy, individual access to all pallets, whatever level they’re stored at.

Improve security

Pallets can only be reached by specialist equipment, which helps to protect the security of your stock.

Increase safety

Sophisticated handling features on narrow aisle trucks and being “man up“ improve the safety of load handling for your staff.

Reduce damage and maintenance costs

Narrow aisle trucks are guided by rail or wire systems, so the risk of rack damage due to collision is reduced, as are maintenance costs.

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Narrow Aisle Racking

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