Our Process

Sales Team

Our process begins with your enquiry. We have a national sales presence and regional sales representatives, trained in product design and experienced in the industry, to guide you through the first stages of making your project a reality. After a few questions about stock size, rotation and your space and budget; our sales representative will be able to make a recommendation on a system to best suit you. We are entirely unpartisan and do not give advice to fit a product range – our focus is on what will best serve you.


After discussing the available options; we need to get a bit more hands on! A site survey will be conducted by your CAD-trained sales contact to give us the map on which to design your project from the ground up – helping best utilise space and maximise cost efficiency.
A product specification and quotation will then be presented by your sales contact, answering questions on the design from you and any members of your team that you would like to involve – helping ensure all parties understand what the design will be and keeping everyone on the same page.
Technical drawings and details are presented and left with you to view in your own time, product samples are arranged for you to get a feel of the building blocks of your new system.

Client Approval + Communications

Now that you have your technical information; you can contact WSL and your sales contact at any time to discuss any areas of the work that you would like changing or clarified – we work entirely independently; your sales contact is their own technical department, draughtsman and secretary, allowing them to answer your questions and make revisions with much more fluidity and ensuring no information is lost in translation between departments

Project Management on Site Review

Should you entrust WSL with your project; we know how important storage solutions can be to your operation and we take our commitment to you seriously. An onsite review of the project will be arranged with your sales contact and your newly introduced project manager; running through the final details on the project and working towards a schedule and commitment from WSL to a completion date – we work for you and to the time that suit you. We are not tied to any particular manufacturer lead time and we can exploit our domestic and international links with to get you the highest quality materials on the best lead times

Health + Safety

Where we aim to set ourselves apart is our ongoing and ever-improving commitment to Health and Safety and ensuring our staff have up to date qualifications relevant to our industry and wider construction, this is our office staff, installation teams and site managers.
All WSL project are treated as CDM (Construction Design and Management) sites. This means that you will receive risk assessments and method statements relevant to the site that help minimise risk of injury and accidents and copies of certifications for plant, workers and tools to give assurance of competence and skill that you deserve on your projects.
Your project manager will work closely with local authorities on building regulations and ensure that, if the worst happens, you and your staff have the best possible escape routes and the safest path to them. We will never supply or fabricate items which do not comply with the strict standards applied by authorities and inspectors – we save you cost on your project by working to find the best suppliers; not cutting corners


After you have approved our designs, products, RAMS and certifications, there’s only one thing left to do; build!
Deliveries and offloading can be handled by WSL and timed for when best suits you. Clear working areas will be set out to protect your staff and work will always be left safe and tidy at the end of the day. We give strong codes of conduct to all installation employees to treat your site and your staff with the respect you deserve and expect. We keep our sites clean and, at the end of the project, devoid of spare materials, dust and dirt.
At a handover meeting,  your project manager and foreman will perform a final check on the installation and finally clear site, leaving behind an operations and maintenance guide for your products and a workspace you would be proud to show your clients