Pallet Live Racking


Pallet live racking is similar to pushback racking, apart from you load stock in one aisle and remove it from the next. A first in, first out system (FIFO), it allows you to operate automatic stock rotation. Each lane is usually dedicated to storing one product variant or for marshalling loads in or out.

Pallets are loaded on rollers sloping towards the pick face. When you remove a pallet, gravity and an automatic braking system bring the pallets stacked behind it to the front of the rack at a controlled pace, so your picking face is always full.Pallet live racking is particularly well-suited to:

  • Goods with expiration dates that need failsafe stock rotation.
  • A relatively small number of SKUs in a high quantity of pallets.
  • Fast-moving ranges where items need to be retrieved at speed.

It enables you to:

  • Rotate stock automatically.
  • Increase throughput speed.
  • Achieve high density storage.
  • Maximise floor space.
  • Save money by using conventional trucks.
  • Reduce damage.


Rotate stock automatically

This system operates on a first in, first out (FIFO) basis, ensuring automatic stock rotation.

Increase throughput speed

The picking and replenishment aisles are separate, making this a highly efficient system. It enables you to partially or totally unload each product variant, according to your needs.

Achieve high density storage

Typically, you can hold up to 30 pallets in each bay, making this one of the densest options for bulk storage, especially when you have few SKUs.

Maximise floor space

The number of aisles needed is minimised, so at least 70% of your floor area can be used for storage.

Save money by using conventional trucks

You can use conventional forklift and reach trucks for this racking, so there’s no need to invest in specialist equipment.

Reduce damage

Forklift trucks never enter the rack, so the risk of damage is reduced greatly.

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Pallet Live Racking

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