Rack Inspections


If you already have a racking system, we can assess its safety and suitability with a detailed inspection. The costs of a health and safety incident or your system being unsafe to use could be huge. You may have to pay for everything from replacing stock to temporary storage, reduced productivity, legal proceedings, damage to your business’s reputation and more.


Our qualified surveyors can help you prevent this by carrying out a thorough rack inspection. This will:

  • Ensure your racking meets SEMA codes and guidelines and the latest health and safety regulations.
  • Assess the risk of damage that your handling equipment and procedures pose to your racking. This is particularly important if your warehouse is busy with high levels of stock movement.
  • Highlight any elements of your racking that may cause injury to staff.
  • Reduce the risk of your system collapsing by identifying where it’s unsafe, or likely to become unsafe.

Following our pallet racking inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report, which will:

  • Give a detailed assessment of your racking system against SEMA codes and guidelines.
  • Highlight specific areas that present a risk and need attention.
  • Provide an overview of your storage facility’s safety levels, including aspects such as working procedures, mechanical equipment, lighting, layout and more.
  • Include CAD drawings of your storage facility’s layout. This will be updated with each subsequent rack inspection.



Whether you have a small, simple racking system or a large warehouse with complex storage, it’s vital it’s inspected regularly to ensure it continues to provide a safe, effective storage environment.

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