Warehouse Shelving Systems

Bespoke warehouse shelving systems by WSL are a fast, flexible and cost effective solution to your warehouse storage needs. Our comprehensive and adaptable range of shelving systems enable you to store a vast range of goods effectively and safely, maximising all of your potential storage space. 


Smart storage

When considering which shelving system best suits your current storage requirements you will also want to consider your future needs. We will work together with you to ensure you have both a highly effective and long-term storage solution. Our smart shelving systems are quick and easy to assemble and also adaptable, so as you grow and evolve so do they. From heavy duty storage to document archiving our extensive range of shelving systems cater for all of your storage needs.


Cost effective

If you desire a storage system that will maximise the height or reduce the footprint of your current  facility then our shelving systems are ideal. Maximising the footprint of your building can save on the costly downtime and inconvenience of relocation in addition to speeding up your current operations. Shelving systems can be multi-tiered with integral walkways at different levels. This can also be cost-effective in comparison to building a mezzanine with shelving installed.


Bespoke design

Every business and building is unique that is why at WSL our innovative and client-centric design team will work with you to ensure your bespoke design is as individual as you are. Specialist storage can be provided for box storage, large or heavy items, small components, garments, obscure shapes and much more.      


Improved efficiency

Apart from being a quick and low-cost solution our shelving systems are designed to increase both the speed and effectiveness of your operations.  A bespoke shelving system can improve manual stock handling, Increase picking efficiency by separating stock keeping units, allow for greater storage density, improve the security of valuable and delicate items and create safe and easy access to items on multiple levels. 


Types of Shelving systems:


Long-span Shelving

Our Long-span shelving systems are both versatile and effective. They are ideal for storing non-palletised goods and high density archive storage and much more.


Short-span Shelving

Fully adjustable our short-span shelving systems are ideal for storing light duty items that are manually picked and placed.


Carton live Shelving

Carton live is a rapid ‘first in, first out’ (FIFO) system of stock rotation. This speedy solution allows stock on shelves to be replenished quickly and automatically. Carton live shelving can also be used to feed components into production lines. This system is highly flexible and is easy to adjust manually without the use of specialist tools.


High rise Shelving

Our hi-rise shelving systems maximise building height and optimise the use of available floor space. Ideal for storing bulk reserve stock and made accessible by state of the art mechanical equipment. Hi-rise systems ensure the safe and efficient storage and easy handling of your palletised goods.


Mobile shelving

Mobile shelving operates on floor tracks that allow units to be moved backwards and forwards giving easy access to stored items. Mobile shelving is an extremely dense system that eliminates the aisles between units and therefore saves considerable floor space. Popular uses include documentation, record keeping, artwork and media storage.


High quality products and services

Here at WSL we are dedicated to providing the highest quality materials and services alongside highly competitive prices. As one of the leading UK manufacturers and providers of commercial Storage solutions we pride ourselves on supporting the Uk economy and environment by sourcing wherever possible and using only the best British products. Excellence in all we do is a core value of WSL, we aim to reflect this through every facet of all we do.


Design and installation

After establishing your storage needs and requirements our experienced and innovative design team will get to work creating your optimum shelving system.  Our qualified surveyors will ensure that every design complies with current health and safety regulations and the SEMA codes and guidelines.

We will ensure that your shelving system and access to it is designed and specified in full compliance with fire, health and safety best practice, as well as building regulations. We take full responsibility for seeking and obtaining any approvals necessary for it.

You can be reassured our experienced and Nebosh trained project managers can handle every stage of the design, build and installation.


In-house services

By utilising our in-house services we can incorporate electrical works, sprinkler systems, lighting, ground and building works or whatever is required into the build of your new shelving system. Being a completely independent business we can ensure we always source the best materials and services at the industry’s most competitive prices.

For more information on finding your unique storage solution or to arrange an initial consultation contact one of our expert team.


If you have any questions about warehouse shelving , please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, we might have an answer to what your looking for in our frequently asked questions section…

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