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Mezzanine floors provide the ideal solution to maximising capacity without the hassle and cost of relocation. They allow you to utilise existing space to create unique storage solutions for your warehouse aside from the principal storage area. Whether you need a single floor or a more complex multi-tiered mezzanine, we aim to provide quality, innovative products to suit your budget and space. Installing mezzanines in your warehouse also enable multiple functions to take place on site be it production, sorting or handling, without disturbing any other activity.


We also offer a range of options to ensure easy access, which include a variety of possibilities such as staircases, lift, conveyors and pallet gates which can be tailored to both personal and goods uses.


As manufacturers as well as designers and installers at WSL we’re uniquely positioned to create bespoke designs catering to our individual clients’ needs. We work with a range of materials and have created a wide variety of designs for numerous warehouses. Our mezzanine floors can support substantial loads and include supporting shelving, racking, pallet trucks and more.


The process:


Clients are initially met by a member of our sales team all, of whom are expertly trained to deal efficiently with queries and who can advise on the best solutions. Our in-house surveyors will then visit the warehouse in order to assess the space and offer more specific recommendations. As we are committed to client satisfaction we use in-house specialists to complete the work at each stage of the process which helps to ensure excellent communication between ourselves and the client. Specifications and proposals are then drawn-up by our team, all the while working closely with the client.


One of our highly skilled and experienced project managers will then complete an on-site review of the proposed flooring solution. At WSL we believe that communication is paramount and therefore we ensure that each process is guaranteed a dedicated and highly experienced project manager who will oversee the project from start to finish.


Ensuring safe installation is essential and we work with our clients at the design stage of the process to ensure that our designs comply with Building Regulations and that during the installation full fire protection, safety barriers and access equipment is provided where necessary, giving you peace of mind. WSL will handle any approvals needed to install your mezzanine and a full risk assessment will also be drawn-up before the final installation stage of the process.

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