Wide Aisle Racking


Wide aisle racking is a highly versatile storage option. You can easily adapt it to suit your needs, even if you’re storing a broad array of items.

It gives you direct access to individual pallets without specialist handling equipment.

Wide aisle racking is particularly well-suited to:

  • Storing a wide variety of items of different sizes, weights and types.
  • High turnover operations where you need fast access to products.
  • Collating a range of products for despatch.

It enables you to:

  • Store different items, all in one place.


Quickly access stored products

Avoid using specialist handling equipment.

Store different items, all in one place

If you have a range of products, wide aisle racking enables you to store them easily and efficiently, all in one warehouse.

Quickly access stored items

Easy access to pallets enables you to improve your efficiency. The spaciousness of wide aisles will make it easier for you to collate a variety of products.

Avoid using specialist handling equipment

You don’t need to buy specialist equipment, so your initial investment is minimised, making wide aisle racking cost-effective to set up.

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Wide Aisle Racking

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