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For over 25 years, we have been at the forefront of Mezzanine Floor Design, Manufacture & Installation.


Mezzanine floors are an ideal solution if you want to increase the capacity of a warehouse or retail unit without the cost and inconvenience of relocation.

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What is a Mezzanine floor?

A mezzanine floor allows you to optimize your existing space, in certain cases it can at least double (or greater) available floor space, without the need to extend your building or relocate your business to a larger facility.
Warehouse Systems Limited have almost 30 years of experience of mezzanine floor design and have installed mezzanines across a number of sectors.

  • Warehouse mezzanines – A warehouse mezzanine can provide additional storage space to your facility and can be fitted with many bespoke features such as goods lifts, pallet gates, racking and shelving.
  • Retail mezzanines – A mezzanine floor can greatly increase the sales floor in a retail unit. WSL have built retail mezzanines for some of the largest stores in the UK
  • Office mezzanines – An office mezzanine is an excellent solution if you need an on-site office, but without taking area away from the existing warehouse, workshop or sales floor below.

Generally, a mezzanine floor structure is constructed of four main components:

  • Columns – reaching from the floor to the base of the mezzanine. The number and type of the columns will have been stipulated in the planning and design stages.
  • Primary steels or beams – the primary beams are usually made from UB Sections on a standard warehouse floor, though this will depend on the weight bearing requirements of the floor.
  • Secondary steels or purlins – purlins are fixed to the primary steels, bearing the weight of the mezzanine flooring. The number and type of purlins will again depend on the decisions made in the planning stage, including the amount of deflection expected for the floor.
  • Decking – Decking is placed on top of the purlins. 38mm P6 chipboard is standard flooring, though there are a wide variety of different options including moisture resistant.

The key element for a warehouse mezzanine floor design will be to understand the loads going onto it; how many people will be working on the floor, whether there will be any pallet racking or shelving and what Material Handling Equipment (MHE) will be used to move materials around. These will be the factors in calculating the standard deflection for the floor, impacting decisions onwhat the floor will be made of and whether the load needs to be dispersed with spreading plates on the floor below. Generally, office and retail mezzanines will need to have less deflection than is allowable in a standard loadings storage floor.

Building regulations will dictate a number of issues, particularly the access routes. In order to comply with building regulations, designers and engineers will be considering the escape distance and types of access that are required. They will look at who is intended to be on the floor and how many people may require access at a time.

I have dealt with WSL for nearly 20 years on a number of large and small projects. The team at WSL have always worked hard to provide us the most cost effective proposal and they are always proactive in developing the solution we require.

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The Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanines can serve a variety different purposes and our experience covers them all. Our in house capabilities, from manufacturing to design and installation means that we have complete flexibility in delivering the right solution.

Increase Space

A mezzanine floor can increase your space without the need to relocate from your existing facility.


A mezzanine can be a solution for lots of industries; it can be a packing area above a storage and distribution facility, an office above a factory, or extra floor space in a retail unit.

Custom & Bespoke

A mezzanine can be designed to be entirely bespoke for your own requirements. WSL have produced everything from simple steel platforms, to attractive, soundproofed offices.

SMEs & Large Corporations

We work with companies of all sizes with requirements ranging from a small Mezzanine to those requesting thousands of square feet. Whatever your requirements – we are the experts.

Why use WSL to design and build your mezzanine?

Experienced designers and no up-front costs

Initially our qualified and experienced sales team will meet you for a consultation to assess your requirements and survey the current facility.Primarily we will need to work out the space that is available and assess the impact on the area underneath the mezzanine.

Utilising the information taken during the planning stage, our designers will produce a PDF plan of the design and give you a no obligation quotation, discussing the mezzanine costs with you at that point.

Experts in the industry

WSL has a complete knowledge of all building regulations, updating ourselves on any new requirements, so we are able to incorporate building regulations into all designs and production. All our mezzanine floors are manufactured in WSL’s state-of –the-art Leeds factory, ready for on-site installation.WSL is CE certified and purchases steel from companies with the same CE certification ensuring that every part of the mezzanine construction process is CE certified. Unfortunately, not all UK companies can make this claim, but at WSL we believe it is vital to a robust, high quality manufacturing process.

Stress-free installation

Our highly skilled mezzanine floor installation team will construct your mezzanine floor on site. WSL use subcontractors at the top of their fields to install the lighting, electrics and access, as well as suspended ceilings when required for office or retail mezzanines. A site manager will be on location at all times to co-ordinate closely with your own management to ensure as little disruption to your day to day activity as possible. We are fully compliant with all CDM regulations which determine the general health and safety of construction projects. Generally, work can be completed rapidly; at around 60 square metres per day, but this will be heavily dependent on the type of floor and the requirements of your company

Mezzanine Gallery

You can find here a small selection of mezzanine floor images from projects that we have completed for our clients over the years.

Mezzanine Floors Case Studies

Our Experience

To find out more about our work in relation to Mezzanine Floors click one of the projects to read about how we handled the projects.

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