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Mobile racking is a unique system which can provide 100% direct access to all stock…..


Mobile racking is a unique system which can provide 100% direct access to all stock as and when required whilst using 90% of floor space for Pallet Racking, making it a favoured solution for utilising storage space to the maximum.

Comprising of conventional pallet racking mounted on top of mobile bases which sit on wheels allowing movement. Until the racks are moved for access the bank of units remains closed and compact, protecting the contents from light and dust. There is no requirement for fixed aisles therefore most of the space in the warehouse can be used for racking. You have very easy and direct access to stock as and when required by moving the racking as individual aisles or sections.

How does it work?

Moving units to create temporary aisles for access couldn’t be easier as the wheels on each unit is mounted onto rails which allow the units to move easily and safely, whilst preventing damage to the supporting floor. This is a motorised system where a hidden motor in the base moves the units by using a button or remote control. Once the required stock has been retrieved the aisles can be closed again and locked for safety.

Who uses Mobile Racking?

Mobile pallet racking can benefit cold store environments greatly as not only does it offer high dense storage, it can operate safely in low freezing temperatures. It also works on a FIFO basis so this is a popular solution in the food and beverage sector, however the system is very versatile and can also work on a LIFO basis. This system is suitable to any working environment looking to maximise storage with limited space.

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Mobile Racking

Key Features

There are many benefits of Mobile Racking, including the flexibility to choose any type of racking to sit on the mobile bases. You can also use standard forklifts. Here are some more...

Safe & Secure

When the units are closed and not in use they can be locked, providing increased security, making it ideal for storing valuable or confidential items

Maximise Floor Space

Usually, just one operating aisle is needed to give you access to the picking face. The other racks close together, enabling you to use up to 90% of your floor space for pallet racking, while still having 100% access to your products.

Ideal For Freezer & Cold Store Warehousing

The energy cost of running a freezer or cold storage warehouse can be substantial. Mobile racking provides densely compact racking, which helps lower energy costs by using less space. It is also able to withstand freezing temperatures.

Reduce Damage

MHE (Materials Handling Equipment) never enters the rack, so the risk of damage is reduced greatly

Mobile Racking

You can find here a small selection of Mobile Racking images from projects that we have completed for our clients over the years.


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