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Our experience with Office Mezzanine Design, Manufacture & Installation spans over 25 years.


We are the UK experts when it comes to office mezzanine floors. If you are seeking the addition of a mezzanine floor to your existing office or if you are seeking the addition of a mezzanine within a warehouse in order to position an office on the mezzanine, we are able to tailor a solution to your requirements

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What is an Office Mezzanine Floor?

Many companies find that their office space is squeezed out by the demands of a busy warehouse or retail unit. With the day-to-day workings of the company, the space available for administration and management can be restricted; bad news for the business. In some cases, organisations may choose to relocate the headquarters and office work to another location; not always ideal for a cohesive work place. Other companies may consider expanding their facility or relocating entirely; both options are expensive and time consuming.

A mezzanine floor can be an ideal way of achieving an on-site office without compromising on the space required for your business or the need to rent additional office space.

As with all mezzanine floors, an office mezzanine is a stand-alone structure, consisting of a simple steel platform with a sturdy deck within a larger facility such as a warehouse. Building regulations will demand appropriate access and various fire safety measures, depending on the usage and number of people using the floor.

An office mezzanine can be highly professional, with flooring, décor and office furniture being used to create an attractive workspace. Warehouse Systems Limited not only design and build the mezzanine structure, but can also oversee the installation of all electrics, lighting, server rooms, lifts, office storage and even boardroom furniture.

What are the benefits of an Office Mezzanine Floor?

There are a number of benefits to having an office in a mezzanine:

  • Office mezzanine floor costs are significantly cheaper than the price of purchasing land and building an office elsewhere
  • Management and administrators can be on the site of the retail, factory or distribution processes; but without being disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the workplace
  • The entire downstairs of your facility can be given over for the day-to-day practical requirements of your company, while administrative tasks and common areas such as staff room and toilets can be upstairs.
  • Office Mezzanines can be soundproofed to offer complete quiet for administrative work
  • Show clients and collaborators around the day-to-day activities of your business alongside business or planning meetings
  • A mezzanine office can be as sophisticated as your business requires. Use lighting, décor and flooring to create a highly professional atmosphere – the only limit is your budget

I have dealt with WSL for nearly 20 years on a number of large and small projects. The team at WSL have always worked hard to provide us the most cost effective proposal and they are always proactive in developing the solution we require.

How We Can Help

Why WSL?

Just a few of the reasons why you can trust WSL to manage your office mezzanine project, from start to finish.

Expert Designs

A PDF plan of your mezzanine office design is produced by expert WSL engineers, so you can see exactly what your office mezzanine will look like, approving all details before work begins.

Project Managers

WSL are experienced in working to deadlines. Skilled site managers will work alongside your own management team to ensure that mezzanine construction proceeds safely and that your ongoing business operations can continue while mezzanine installation is in progress.

Compliance & Regulations

Familiar with building regulations, WSL will ensure that all safety and fire regulations are adhered to in the design of your office mezzanine.


WSL manufacture all mezzanine floors in our Leeds Factory, complying with CE conformity through all parts of the process. Our manufacture and inspection processes are second to none, ensuring high quality throughout the construction and installation.

Office Mezzanine Gallery

You can find here a small selection of office mezzanine images from projects that we have completed for our clients over the years.


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